Perfect Polish

About Us

With over two decades in operation, Perfect Polish services some of the largest retail, industrial, and commercial clients across the United States. Learn more about who we are below.

Perfect Polish has been a national leader in concrete flooring since our founding in 1998

From its debut at World of Concrete, nearly a quarter century ago, Perfect Polish has established itself as a leader in the concrete flooring industry. 

Perfect Polish still works tirelessly to advance the concrete flooring industry. Through research and development in improved processes and extensive marketing and business development, Perfect Polish works to increase opportunity across the industry. 


US Retailers and manufacturers trust our brand with their concrete flooring projects

From our earliest projects, retailers, manufacturers, and the largest GCs have trusted Perfect Polish with their flooring projects. 

From new construction, to extensive remediation and repairs on existing buildings, our reputation for maintaining stringent safety standards, providing the highest quality, and delivering projects on schedule, have kept customers returning for nearly 25 years. 

Perfect Polish strives to build strong, mutually beneficial relationships

Perfect Polish strives to build lifelong relationships with all who choose to work with us. We’ve learned through experience that open communication, setting clear expectations are the foundation of strong relationships.